Home at Last is fortunate to have many dedicated and generous supporters. From annual gifts to donations of food, treats and toys we are honored and humbled by the generosity of our community. One unique way to maximize your support is through the PAWS Club.


PAWS Club Members provide HAL

  • a special kind of support
  • a regular monthly gift.

Here at HAL we depend on this steady stream of donations. PAWS membership is an easy way to show your support for the animals in our care. You may not feel like you are able to make a donation that feels significant for you.

If you spread that donation out over 12 months you probably could. For example you would like
to give $100 to HAL, but that is not possible with your budget.
If you joined PAWS with a $10 donation per month you are giving $120!

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Yes, I want to sponsor a kennel for $50 per month.

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We appreciate your help. We couldn't do it without generous supporters like you.

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Gifts to Home at Last are deductible for income or estate tax purposes. HAL is a Non-Profit Organization

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