What if it’s Just not Working

We hope every adoption is a happy, successful event in the life of the adopted animal and the adoptive family. There are times, however, where the adjustment period after adoption does not progress as hoped. When negative issues occur after the adoption, we want you to know we are available for assistance. We may not have an immediate solution to the problem but we are very willing to do research and work toward resolution along with you. Time, commitment and patience are truly key elements in any problem-solving endeavor. Your veterinarian is another resource for advice, as well as the local dog trainers in our area. Please keep us involved in your process. We are here to help.

If, after all attempts, you find yourself unable or unwilling to continue caring for your adopted pet, give us a call to schedule a time to return the animal to the shelter. We always take our animals back into care and we do not want you to re-home a Three Rivers Humane Society animal. Your signed adoption contract does not allow for the re-homing of an adopted animal and we thank you for abiding by this provision.

We believe with time, patience and our assistance, most issues can be resolved. We want to be part of that resolution. We are committed to you and your animal.